Trump won…now what?

Trump won…now what?

Okay, the national election circus is over finally and the vote tally is largely in and President-Elect Trump will amass north of 279 electoral college votes.

The easy  part is done…you voted.

Now comes the hard part, holding him and other elected officials accountable to their campaign promises. You nod as you read this, but down deep you wonder how you’re supposed to do that? Isn’t goodwill enough you think? Can’t we just trust he’ll do the right thing and keep his promises?


It has become a very bad habit of people to just vote and hope that the guy or gal they cast their vote will live up to their starry–eyed rhetoric. I remember this personally with Ronald Reagan who promised to end the Department of Education. As you can read in the LA Times article, he didn’t get it done and we don’t need more of this, we need action, not flowery words! In Reagan’s own words; “Doveryai, no proveryai” (trust, but verify)

So here is a short but non-comprehensive list of things I will need to see President-Elect Trump, Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell enact; not just talk about enacting, but actually enact before I will put any confidence in them.

1. Introduce, pass and sign into law this piece of legislation I wrote this morning and end abortion in some States in 2017:

2. Build the Wall and re-institute LEGAL immigration.

3. End Obamacare and DO NOT REPLACE IT! Actually trust free markets for once!

4. Bring the troops home and start making host countries pay for our taxpayer funded defense umbrella we provide them if some bases need to remain. No more free ride.

Only when I see actual action taken on these four issues will I truly celebrate the Trump win. Until then, I remain vehemently opposed to this bipartisan corrupt, morally bankrupt, de facto vs. de jure illegitimate national government masquerading as a federal government.

The question for you is this…will you join me in reserving judgement until we see action instead of just words?

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Mark Kreslins is host of The Mark Kreslins Show a live call-in show broadcast daily on every Monday – Friday from 6 am to 8 am central time. In the mid-1980s, Kreslins worked as a Senior Legislative Assistant to two Members of Congress in Washington DC and thus was exposed firsthand to the problems of deceit and corruption. Having participated in many unconstitutional actions while working on the Hill, he knows all about the sausage-making process from an insider’s viewpoint–and sausage-making it is! A provocative writer and speaker, Mark has been a regular contributor to Fox News, and appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 program. He’s written numerous articles and has been profiled in a variety of publications over the years.