Trump illustrates a lot about how we think about government…we really are slaves!

Trump illustrates a lot about how we think about government…we really are slaves!

There are a few sides at each others’ throats since the inauguration of Donald J. Trump on January 20, 2017. There are the militant feminists (a very large number by the way), pro-Trump populist middle-classers, so-called conservatives, Never-Trumpers, leftists and progressives, States Rights supporters and on and on. All focused in some way or another on Trump and Washington D.C..

Pro-Trump populists believe Trump will, “make America Great Again,” and this probably has more to do with economic issues (jobs, taxes and income) than Trump’s views on social policy. They are probably also weary of the Bush/Obama/McCain/Graham war, war, war policies of the last few decades.

For the conservative, there’s an exhilarating hope that Trump represents real change. By shear force of will and personality, this side believes Trump will (or may be able to) remake Washington, D.C. into something new — and conservative. Most aren’t really able to describe exactly what this “new” Washington, D.C. will be, but they seem to sense the possibility of big change.

Progressives, leftists, never Trumpers, and militant feminists vacillate between hatred, despair, and terror when it comes to Trump. They too believe Trump will change everything in Washington, D.C. and some in this camp think a new Nazi fascist regime has emerged and it’s just a matter of time before this new Nazi SS begins its reign of terror.

States’ Rights people take heart in some of Trump’s comments about sending a number of social issues like abortion and gay marriage back to the states for the people of the states to decide. In Trump, they see a potential to reverse nationalism where all decisions are made in Washington, DC and then forced on everyone who disagrees. To them, these Trump comments create hope that we can return to founding concepts like federalism and republicanism.

In this analysis, three of the four groups, unknowingly admit they are slaves to Washington, D.C.. Why? Because all of their focus is on Washington, D.C., and in doing so, they have unwittingly become mere pawns in a very ugly game being played there in D.C.. You see, the bipartisan corrupt and morally bankrupt Washington, D.C. doesn’t “care” a lick about you. All they want from you is to keep voting and producing. That’s it. You just keep voting for the continuation of your masters in D.C., who in turn want you to keep producing and obeying; going to your jobs, putting on your seatbelts, paying your taxes and complying with their rules. Like cattle in the field, they just want you to keep producing. After all, how does government exist without extorting money from the cattle (producers). You stop working and producing — and they got nuttin!

However, more and more people and some states are now beginning to recognize the need to politically divorce from the United States and their controllers in Washington, D.C.. Yet, with the growing chorus of political divorce from movements like the California secession movement comes the inevitable snarky comments I see on my Facebook page all the time. Here are a few that I cut and pasted directly from my facebook page (names intentionally left off):

  • Might want to check with Jeff Davis to see how that turned out before. Otherwise, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
  • Can we start a gofundme to make it happen quicker?
  • Please, please, please!
  • Lets do survivor rules, at what point do we hold a tribal council and vote them off the island?
  • Yes to CALEXIT! And please, before we have to bail them out!
  • Seeya later, and take your pot, and porn, and Movie stars, earthquakes and smog with you. And dont come running back when the dam breaks…..
  • Lock them up for sedition.
  • Good riddance….Trump just built that wall longer and higher!

Each of these, and I could have posted many, many, more, betray a couple of worldviews about the condition of the #Exceptional American Union don’t they?

  1. These comments hint at a kind of prideful arrogance, a belief that as California’s conservative opponents, conservatives know how to run a big government correctly and California types just screw things up…so, as many commentators suggest, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”  But do the facts actually support their claims? I think not.
    1. In 2003, the republicans (usually synonymous with conservative) had total control of two branches of government, Congress and the White House. During their tenure and always claiming they were for limited government, smaller leaner government, they:
      1. Passed Medicare Part D adding a $1 trillion dollar entitlement. So much for smaller leaner government
      2. Created the Department of Homeland Security that now n fiscal year 2016, was allocated a net discretionary budget of $41.2 billion with more than 240,000 employees. More limited government for you there!
      3. Created the TSA.
      4. Created the Patriot Act which as led to dramatic increases in government spying on you and me.
    2. Today, as is widely reported, the republicans are the obstructionists to Trump’s desire to end Obamacare and promote tax cuts.
  2. These comments also raise uncomfortable questions like; if California seceding is such a bad and dumb idea, why? Why are they dumb to do this and why are we so smart to want to stay in the United States and thus tethered to Washington, D.C.? I smell a whole lotta jingoism in the comments above. But seriously, why is it such a great idea to force everyone to stay together.

In the end, California should be applauded for taking the lead on this, not mocked and condemned. They seem to be wanting to stop being slaves to their new master in Washington, D.C. while many who condemn and mock them seem perfectly comfortable with the shackles.

So, who are the smart ones here?

Trump’s election has served many purposes and has illuminated many realities, most importantly, that like it or not, for now at least, we’re all slaves to Washington, D.C.. So if you believe solutions can only come out of Washington, D.C., then you should just admit you’re a slave and your masters reside there, in D.C.. If, however, you believe there are alternatives to being a slave, then cheer the California secession movement on as they seek to unshackle themselves. Don’t mock or criticize them for wanting to take back control of their own futures. After all, who are the smart ones here? The ones wanting to remove the shackles of Washington, D.C.? Or those mocking them for trying to free themselves, who then at the same time seem perfectly willing to stay a slave? Who are the smarter ones?