The #NeverTrump puzzle

two faced***DISCLAIMER – I am not voting for Donald Trump. I’m writing in that I don’t consent to this system of government!

With that said, I’ve had my fill of the #NeverTrump folks, especially those in the evangelical Christian community (a community to which I belong by the way). I’m pretty sure that most of the #NeverTrump crowd dutifully lined up in 2008 and 2012 and voted for McCain (the Straight Talk Express) and pro-bankruptcy and theologically unorthodox Mormon Mitt Romney. Most of these #NeverTrump people no doubt were okay with “anti-just war theory McCain” and highly questionable theologically Romney. But now, because it’s a rabble rousing and name calling Donald Trump, well, I’m told, that’s just a bridge too far for the #NeverTrump folks! These newly minted principled #NeverTrump people have suddenly found religion and couldn’t possibly bring themselves to stoop to voting for Trump. Why that would be unprincipled and unchristian of them they say.  However, consider some of the invective’s hurled around by our founding fathers and other political personalities like, say, George W. Bush. I suspect that had there been a 24/7 news cycle and an internet back then, those figures would have been creating memes decrying the “unpresidential” actions of their opponents and adversaries.

In a letter to James Madison January 8, 1797, Jefferson penned this of beloved President George Washington: “The President is fortunate to get off just as the bubble is bursting, leaving others to hold the bag. Yet, as his departure will mark the moment when the difficulties begin to work, you will see, that they will be ascribed to the new administration, and that he will have his usual good fortune of reaping credit from the good acts of others, and leaving to them that of his errors.” Gasp!!! How could Thomas Jefferson write (and undoubtedly say) such a harsh thing…he should have been denounced as a rogue!

How about this little bit of “name calling” by Alexander Hamilton about President John Adams in his Letter from Alexander Hamilton, Concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John Adams, Esq. President of the United States, [24 October 1800]; “They resulted from the disgusting egotism, the distempered jealousy, and the ungovernable indiscretion of Mr. ADAMS’S temper, joined to some doubts of the correctness of his maxims of Administration.”

George Bush to Vice Presidential candidate Dick Cheney – “That Adam Clymer is a real a$$hole!” How presidential of him and I’m sure all of the #NeverTrump crowd immediately withdrew their vote based on the name calling principle.

Thus, if this #NeverTrump stance is about name calling, my guess is they wouldn’t like many of the founding generation either or George W. Bush. So, is it just the name calling? If not, then it must be that they disagree with him on policy. But for conservatives, he should be a dream come true in most instances (not all of course, but wasn’t that the same mantra to justify voting for McCain and Romney? That there was no perfect candidate?):

  • Pro-death penalty
  • Pro allowing Law Enforcement to racially profile
  • Against the Senate choosing an Obama appointee to fill Scalia’s seat
  • Pro churches remaining tax exempt
  • Pro lowering Corporate Income Tax
  • Against subsidizing oil companies
  • Against any income tax increases
  • Pro Charter Schools
  • Against Common Core
  • Against free college education
  • Pro including 3rd party candidates in debates
  • Pro opening federal land for energy uses
  • Pro fracking
  • Believes China is an economic and military threat to the US
  • Pro lifting the Cuban embargo
  • Against the Iranian nuclear arms deal
  • Against no-fly list to prevent gun purchases
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Pro life
  • Against Obamacare
  • Against illegal immigration
  • Pro destroying ISIS

So is it really just about his roguish name calling behavior? If it is, fair enough. But please be clear about that because most of us really can’t figure out why he’s being so routinely hammered by the #NeverTrump crowd.

This high and morally mighty group of people seem to be all lathered up that Trump is a name-calling rogue, and clumsy taunting speaker, that he was divorced three times (hasn’t Rush been divorced 3 times? John McCain was also divorced wasn’t he, so that can’t be it), that he corporately went bankrupt (oops, so did Romney). So, if in 2008 and 2012, many of these #NeverTrump people voted for McCain and Romney even though they have some of the same baggage as Trump (sans the name calling), why won’t they support Trump now? Is it really because he’s a name caller? Is that it? Again, just say so…I can accept that.

So it seems Trump’s big crime that makes him not worthy of a vote is that he’s brash, he’s not political, he’s inarticulate, he can say embarrassing things, he beat Cruz, he calls people names and he’s not presidential according to CNN and top republican elitists! “We’re too principled to vote for Trump” the #NeverTrump crowd proclaims while beating their principled chests.

Well how about we look where people have gotten us who are “presidential” and who are very polished, and who are great policy wonks, and who are very articulate in their campaign speeches and don’t name call (even though they do):

  • 56 million dead babies
  • Federally regulated toilet flushing
  • Federally regulated light-bulbs
  • Federally regulated shower fixtures
  • $20 trillion in debt
  • Massive violations of your privacy
  • Intrusive physical inspections to get on a plane
  • Undeclared wars
  • A open border policy
  • A good ole’ boy Congress; you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
  • And I could add 100 other bullet points to this list from the great polished and presidential timber we’ve been electing for decades.

So, what is it about Trump that has the #NeverTrump crowd so outraged…is it really just the name calling? Or, is it possible they actually embrace the republican establishments elitist attitude? Trump didn’t play by the rules and so now he is to be condemned, is that it? The election should have gone to a more acceptable republican like Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush so now it’s #NeverTrump.

To be sure, if the #NeverTrump folks have decided they can’t vote for Trump because of what he did taking on Heidi Trump, fair enough, I can understand that. If someone hits below the belt on someone I supported, and I thought he meant it, I’d probably not support him either. But I think the #NeverTrump crowd should make that clear that that is why they’re not voting for him. But I don’t see that very often. I see mostly that he’s embarrassed them and my question is, then why didn’t Bush embarrass them? Or McCain or Romney?

As for me, I’m not voting for Trump but not because he’s brash, inarticulate and a name caller. I’m not voting for any national candidate because I won’t legitimize the illegitimate with my vote.But the #NeverTrump crowd looks a lot more petty than they do principled, at least they do so to me.