The 15 States that should secede! Starting today!

truthPeople often revolt against the idea of secession when I bring it up on the air. Demanding that it can’t be done or the Constitution doesn’t allow it, or Lincoln settled this issue with the war that led to the death of over 700,000 people. Sadly, Christians embrace this inaccurate and bloody narrative as well. Yet if Christians actually put devotion to Jesus 1st and their devotion to the “nation” 2nd, these fifteen States with substantial and overwhelming Christian populations would  have already #Exited from #TheAmericanUnion 43 years ago rather than hanging in there with all or nothing solutions that come from most pro-life organizations in DC. Folks, if these fifteen States seceded (#Exited) the Union, just like the United Kingdom #Exited the European Union this last June, regained control of their State borders and ended this evil practice of baby slaughter, we would save the lives of 214,028 babies in these States. Multiply that number by the 43 years we’ve been committed to all or nothing solutions (all 50 States or NO States) and it’s a sinfully staggering number. Especially when we’ve always possessed the political power and unalienable right to end this evil in these fifteen States. Look at it this way, had these fifteen States left the Union on January 23, 1973 in response to Roe v. Wade, that would be 9,203,204 babies saved over the last 43 years. That is a staggering number while the ekklesia in these fifteen States sat by and did nothing.

This about the table below friends. There are 66 million “religious” (meaning largely Christian or Catholic) people in these fifteen States and there’s absolutely no way Washington DC could stop a secession movement by theses 66 million people. No way. Think about what 66 million bullets, or the 66 million prison cells that it would take to put down this secession #Exit effort. Or will Washington DC nuke these fifteen States. To believe Washington DC is going to kill a few million people or nuke us suggests you’re watching too many movies or too much TV. It’s not going to happen folks, so Christians, don’t let fear block you from doing the God-honoring thing here. This is our moment. This is our chance to end this evil.

To the Church in these fifteen States, this can be our finest God-honoring moment. The numbers are well on our side, there’s nothing to fear; just look at the table below. Or, we can maintain the status quo and let another 214,028 babies die in 2016, 2017 and on and on.

Choose this day whom you will serve…

How religious is your state? (Feb 2016) 2015 Census Data CDC Abortion Report 2012
Rank State % Religion plays a very important part of life % believe in God with certaintiy % People that pray Population Religious Population Abortions in 2012
1 Alabama 77% 82% 73% 4,858,797 3,741,274 8,380
1a Mississippi 74% 82% 75% 2,992,333 2,214,326 5,485
3 Tennessee 71% 78% 70% 6,600,299 4,686,212 12,685
4 Louisiana 71% 75% 68% 4,670,724 3,316,214 8,488
5 South Carolina 69% 74% 66% 4,896,146 3,378,341 10,396
6 Arkansas 70% 77% 65% 2,978,204 2,084,743 4,284
7 West Virginia 64% 77% 68% 1,844,128 1,180,242 2,026
8 Oklahoma 64% 71% 65% 3,911,338 2,503,256 5,117
9 Georgia 64% 74% 65% 10,214,860 6,537,510 28,079
10 North Carolina 62% 73% 66% 10,042,802 6,226,537 21,122
11 Utah 58% 61% 61% 2,995,919 1,737,633 3,155
11a Texas 63% 69% 63% 27,469,114 17,305,542 66,349
13 Kentucky 63% 75% 63% 4,425,092 2,787,808 5,367
14 Virginia 60% 67% 60% 8,382,993 5,029,796 22,141
15 Missouri 56% 70% 59% 6,083,672 3,406,856 10,954
Totals 66,136,291 214,028


Mark Kreslins is morning host of the Mark Kreslins Show broadcast live Monday – Friday 6:00am – 8:00am (central time zone) on the Veritas Radio Network. Beginning in the mid-1980′s, working as a Senior Legislative Assistant for two Congressmen, he was exposed firsthand to the problems in Washington DC. A provocative writer and speaker, Mark has been a regular contributor to Fox News, and appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 program. He’s written numerous articles and has been profiled in a variety of publications over the years. Mark can be contacted at