Ratifying documents for all 13 of the original States

Too often, people apply nearly mystical or divine attributes to the Philadelphia Convention which was held between May and September 1787 followed by the Ratification Debates from 1787-1791. Yet, when you read the the actual ratification documents, you quickly realize there was nothing mystical or divine about them. With that in mind, here are a few… Continue Reading

Trump and the PC Culture

In this decade there has arguably been no bigger political story in the United States than that of Donald J. Trump. He is a completely polarizing figure that tried to run in the 2008 election but was unable to get past his fringe beliefs about Obama’s birth certificate. He has a story that resonates with… Continue Reading

Thinking like a Pilgrim, Settler or even a Founder

In the 1600’s two groups of people in England sat around kitchen tables, fireplaces, pubs, and churches and began to wonder aloud if staying in England was going to bring them the greatest chance of liberty and a better way of life. I suspect we all learned during our education that in December 1606, one hundred and… Continue Reading