Trump won…now what?

Trump won…now what?

Okay, the national election circus is over finally and the vote tally is largely in and President-Elect Trump will amass north of 279 electoral college votes. The easy  part is done…you voted. Now comes the hard part, holding him and other elected officials accountable to their campaign promises. You nod as you read this, but down… Continue Reading

The 15 States that should secede! Starting today!

People often revolt against the idea of secession when I bring it up on the air. Demanding that it can’t be done or the Constitution doesn’t allow it, or Lincoln settled this issue with the war that led to the death of over 700,000 people. Sadly, Christians embrace this inaccurate and bloody narrative as well.… Continue Reading

The #NeverTrump puzzle

***DISCLAIMER – I am not voting for Donald Trump. I’m writing in that I don’t consent to this system of government! With that said, I’ve had my fill of the #NeverTrump folks, especially those in the evangelical Christian community (a community to which I belong by the way). I’m pretty sure that most of the… Continue Reading