I am no longer “pro-life,” I am “anti-murder.” Will you join me?

Incrementalism as a strategy is sin! There, I said it!

Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin. – James 4:17

Thou shall not murder – The 6th Commandment

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. – Proverbs 24:11

Does God need to be any clearer? Do we really think we need to be “led, or called, or wait on a word from the Lord” before we act?

Senator Joseph Silk introduced legislation to define abortion for what it is, murder and thus outlaw it here in Oklahoma. Will we Oklahoman’s support him?

Who are we to set an incremental time table and “nibble away” at this heinous act of murder…little by little. It’s good for us, we’re alive! Tell that to the 20-30 babies here in Oklahoma who will be murdered today. “Just wait little one’s, ‘we’re only one Supreme Court Justice away’ and maybe this one will be it!” By incrementalism I mean, passing clever regulations about hospital privileges, fetal pain bills, rules to force women to see a sonogram before the murder, etc. These all sound well and good, but they deflect our attention and gaze away from the real issue, especially for us who call Jesus our Savior; is or is not abortion murder? If it is murder, we do not regulate murder. We classify it, sanction it and then punish it. It’s really that clear.

When properly defined as murder, all ambiguity is removed.

How dare we think this when we’re breathing air and they’re drinking saline, or being torn apart, or are being vacuumed from the womb. Such arrogance we have. I weep over my own complicity for years in the “incremental” approach. Incrementalism may work for rolling back EPA regulations…but it MUST be rejected when it comes to saving a life where we can.

Abortion can no longer be seen as a political issue to be fought over in Congress or the Supreme Court; that has been a grave tactical error that has led to the murder of 59 million human beings, 314,000 here in my State, Oklahoma, since 1973. We advocates for life have hung our hats on the idea that it was up to the Courts or the Congress to end this holocaust…that was never where this battle should have been waged. This was a grave error, one that I myself have only recently come to conclude as I studied how societies change. How did the founding generation go from generally loyal subjects of the King to outright rebellion to him? How did Wisconsin come to directly and openly defy the Supreme Court and Congress’ Fugitive Slave Act? How did South Carolina come to directly and openly defy the Tariff of the Abominations in 1832 leading open discussion about SC seceding? How did Martin Luther King instigate and agitate until blacks were allowed to eat, drink, vote just as whites did? How did Nigel Farage and the United Kingdom Independence Party motivate 17,000,000 people to vote in June of 2016 to secede from the European Union?

They properly framed the argument, They drew clear distinct lines and they did not deviate from the lines they drew for political expediency or situational ethics. They they made highly moral arguments to support their claim.

We want independence from the King – July, 1776

We’re not obeying and complying with the Tariff of the Abominations. We’ll secede if we have to – South Carolina, 1832

We’re not sending slaves back to slave states – Wisconsin 1854

Blacks and whites are all created in God’s image; we’re going to take direct action to change that – Martin Luther King, 1950’s and 1960’s

The European Union is trying to take our sovereignty, we must secede from the EU – Nigel Farage and UKIP, June 23, 2016

These movements all possessed two things in common, a clear target and moral clarity which led to outrage and action. They were more concerned with doing the right thing than they were with adhering to some clunky bankrupt set of political processes.

In some states that are heavily Chrisitianized, like my State of Oklahoma, both elements are present. We have a clear mandate from God as described above; abortion is murder. And now all we need is moral clarity, courge and leadership to end this practice with peaceful yet firm direct action as Martin Luther King described it.

The only remaining question is a simple one. Will Christians in heavily Christianized States obey God or man? It’s no more complicated than that.