Fast Facts about California Secession

Fast Facts about California Secession

Now that California secession is trending as one response to the election of Donald Trump, it’s reasonable to ask just how realistic is it for California to secede and actually make it as a separate “nation.” Based on just gross numbers comparing their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with their current budget obligations, it is entirely plausible not only for California to secede, but to thrive as a independent nation. Now adding Oregon, Washington, and Nevada to the California secession effort and this new confederation of four States has absolutely no economic need to stay in the American Union. Let me explain.

California has a GDP of roughly $2.31 trillion dollars annually. That means the people of California produce about $6,328,767,123.29 PER DAY! Yes, you read that correctly. California is such a economic powerhouse, it generates more than $6.3 BILLION of revenue per day!

California just passed a budget of $252 billion. That means the governing body of California intends to spend $690,410,958.90 every day.

So, the equation really becomes quite simple. From the $2.4 trillion generated, what would the tax rate need to be to cover the $252 billion budget?

$252,000,000,000 ÷ $2,310,000,000,000 = 10.91%

That’s right, in just gross numbers, the people of California would need to be taxed at 10.91% to meet their state annual budget. Currently, California’s top marginal tax rate is 13.3% so I think they can make it.

Now, when you add in the fact that California would not be paying federal income tax, well, now you begin to see just how plausible secession is.

It’s VERY plausible. In fact, I think an argument could be made that the average Californian would be MUCH better off as a independent “nation” than being forced to stay in the American Union.

Do you agree?

***At this point, I’m only dealing with gross revenue and the impact on income taxation. I’m aware of the Social Security many are concerned about, but even that issue is not insurmounable with a powerhouse economy like California has.

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