Faith Issues

I am an born-again evangelical Christian who believes in the inspiration of the Scriptures. I’m a progressive dispensationalist in keeping with Dallas Theological Seminary and I hold to a premillennial view of the return of Christ. I reject Christian Reconstruction, and Christian Dominionism and find scant biblical evidence in the Scriptures for these two theologies.

Christian Reconstruction - McVicar_

Yet, as professor Michael J. McVicar points out in his recent book, Christian Reconstruction rhetoric heavily influences Christian political activism in 21st century politics. You should buy and read his book.

This is not how it should be friends. And I’m concerned about politically active Christians and how we engage in political activism.

My suspicion is that most of my other evangelical friends are premillennial when it comes to their understanding of Jesus’ return. My guess also is most believe in the literal 1000 year reign of Christ, and then the final banishment of Satan in the the lake of fire. These are all in keeping with a premillennial return of Christ in Matthew 24.

I also suppose that most of my evangelical friends who tune into my show or read my writings agree that Christians are not bound by the Old Testament Law. Rather than go into a deep discussion about this issue, I’ll direct you to this article to read a view I generally agree with as it pertains to the Old Testament Law. So, I’m pretty resolute in this point of view; evangelical Christians have no biblical basis for asserting, suggesting, or even hinting that there is a biblical basis for taking control of institutions such as government and then try to force non-believers to live under the Mosaic civil Law. Thus, I cannot be a Christian Reconstructionist or Christian Dominionist or supporter of the Seven out of obedience to God. Dominionism and the Seven Mountains Strategy have a “postmillennial” view of the return of Christ, generally, postmillennialist’s believe the world will be progressively “Christianized” and then at some point, Jesus will return. Postmillennialists generally do not embrace a literal 1000 year reign of Christ and based on this alone, I reject dominionism and the Seven Mountain Strategy.

So what does this have to do with Christians engaging in politics? EVERYTHING!