50 State solutions…are they the best way forward? Unequivocally NO!

Status QuoWe seem to be stuck.

As people who claim to want nothing more than to end abortion, our thinking about solutions seems to be trapped in a box. This box generally is simple to see and understand. We seem to be saying that as a community of people who want to end abortion, it must be ended in all 50 States or 0 States. Everything must be a “national” solution or we can’t get behind it we seem to be saying. In the end, this can simply be understood to be a proverbial all or nothing strategy.

But, this strategy has consequences doesn’t it? If the all or nothing strategy doesn’t succeed (which it never will by the way), thousands of babies will continue to be vacuumed out of a safe and warm womb, scalded by saline or torn limb from limb every single day while we work this strategy. In fact, this strategy has contributed to the death of 56,000,000 babies since 1973. It’s all or nothing we seem to be saying. That is just a fact friends, as unpleasant as that fact might seem. And likewise it is a fact that supporting the 50 State all or nothing strategy has led to this outcome while we try to soothe our troubled conscience. Yet, down deep we know abortion will never be ended in all 50 States. We know it and we need to be honest with ourselves and begin to implement political solutions that can work to end abortion in some States.

Let me be clear again; look at it this way, you nor I have a political solution to end abortion in China, right? You nor I have a realistic political solution to end abortion in all 50 States do we? But if we want them, we do have political solutions to end abortion in some States, right?

This then lays out the real question history and historians will judge us on. A question that must be asked and answered. How committed to ending abortion are we even if it’s only in some States? Do you believe it must be all States or no States?

We’re going to find out.

There are #exit movements and Independence Parties forming in a number of States and some of these movements are solely about ending abortion in their States by openly defying Roe v. Wade and the federal government support of this evil ruling in 1973. Will you support these efforts?

On my show, M – F on the Veritas Radio Network, I talk about this solution all the time. I offer historical and biblical reasons why we must obey God and end this practice in some States even if that means #exiting the #American Union.

So what will historians say about you and about me; about us? Will they say that when confronted by the facts, millions of Christian and moral people brought an end to this evil in, say, 8 States? Or will historians write that this generation knew it was condoning evil with its inaction, but because of prosperity and comfort, they did nothing when they had within their power to end the practice in their State.

Which is it for you? As for me and my house, here at the Kreslins household, we will serve God and obey Him on this issue.