I am bringing my website back to life!

I am bringing my website back to life!

Thanks to my good friend Phil Graves, also the designer of my website, MarkKreslins.com is alive once again. Phil encouraged me to keep the domain going over the years since I last posted here back in 2011 and I am grateful he had the foresight.  Plus, he has pretty good design skills (hint, if you need a website built, use Phil!).

So why did I decide to “awaken” my website you might ask? Well, I decided that I needed to take the next step as a “Liberty Missionary” and begin to integrate ideas of federalism, consent of the governed, representative republics into the evangelical Christian community.

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The Myth of the “Good” Government

The Myth of the “Good” Government

Here’s the real problem, a real frog-in-the-kettle dilemma; most people embrace a belief that the government is good (benevolent) or at worst, innocuous.  How far from the truth they are. Benevolent: an inclination to do kind or charitable acts Innocuous: Harmless; producing no ill effect; innocent; Inoffensive; unprovocative; not exceptional. Are these the terms we should use whenContinue Reading

Decentralizing Our Federal Government – The Only Viable Solution

As we observe the ignoble acts of the Congress, Executive Branch and Judicial Branch and our frustrations grow as we see an ever expanding central government devour more liberty and property, it’s time to state the obvious…we must force Washington DC to decentralize.     Implicit in the Declaration of Independence which breathed life into the birthContinue Reading

Principles that guide my voting

I’ve been asked over the years which candidate’s I would be endorsing for the various elections and why; here’s my response. First, as an unaffiliated voter, I am only allowed to vote in the general election. I have “adopted” a party during a primary, but only for a particular person I really hoped would win. ThatContinue Reading

Hypocrisy…No, not from the Tea Party

  Got your attention!  Here’s an interesting memo I obtained over at the Atlantic. freedom-works-internal-memo This memo, which hasn’t been validated, but is being reported on by Fox News, purports to provide a “Target List” of candidates for the Tea Party to presumably unseat in 2010.  Listing them under the heading of “Enemy of Liberty” or “Potential EnemyContinue Reading