Republicanism – why it must be part of the solution to the mess we’re in

exitLast week I posted a commentary calling on 15 States that had strong Christian populations to begin the process of seceding from the #AmericanUnion…immediately! Very similar to the way the United Kingdom seceded from the European Union on June 23, 2016. But secede from what to what is the typical response I receive.

On my 9/29/16 broadcast, I discussed a couple of articles describing some issues related to real time events in Switzerland. These are not events from decades ago, they are happening right now and they illustrate what federalism actually is versus what we have today that we claim is federalism here in the #AmericanUnion. The issue I discussed on my show regarded one Canton in Switzerland banning the wearing of the Burka. Seemingly not a big deal right? We live in an age of terror, and thus wearing of the Burka in any European country is raising considerable security concerns in light of recent radical Islamic attacks. No big deal right? Seems reasonable that the Swiss would take this step as other countries have done as well; France being one of them.

Well, what makes it a big deal to me is not that they banned the Burka, that kinda makes sense to me. But why they banned the Burka in this Canton is what caught my attention. But before I go into that, let me explain a little about the Swiss style of federalism; completely different than what we think of federalism here in the #AmericanUnion even though we claim we are federalist. After all, we have a federal government don’t we? Continue Reading

The 15 States that should secede! Starting today!

People often revolt against the idea of secession when I bring it up on the air. Demanding that it can’t be done or the Constitution doesn’t allow it, or Lincoln settled this issue with the war that led to the death of over 700,000 people. Sadly, Christians embrace this inaccurate and bloody narrative as well.… Continue Reading

The #NeverTrump puzzle

***DISCLAIMER – I am not voting for Donald Trump. I’m writing in that I don’t consent to this system of government! With that said, I’ve had my fill of the #NeverTrump folks, especially those in the evangelical Christian community (a community to which I belong by the way). I’m pretty sure that most of the… Continue Reading