Brexit text with British and Eu flags illustration

I hope by now it is clear for all to see that the progressive and dare I say certain libertarian factions and ideologies have won the culture war in these United States. Sadly, my fear is that most “conservatives” and “conservative Christians” still believe there’s a last stand somewhere and that victory is still within reach. They seem to still believe a “conservative” republican can save the day. Thus, they press forward blindly against the reality that traditional values they so dearly hold to (but not always practice themselves) have been totally rejected by this post-Christian relativistic culture in the 21st century. Continue Reading

Trump and the PC Culture

In this decade there has arguably been no bigger political story in the United States than that of Donald J. Trump. He is a completely polarizing figure that tried to run in the 2008 election but was unable to get past his fringe beliefs about Obama’s birth certificate. He has a story that resonates with… Continue Reading

Thinking like a Pilgrim, Settler or even a Founder

In the 1600’s two groups of people in England sat around kitchen tables, fireplaces, pubs, and churches and began to wonder aloud if staying in England was going to bring them the greatest chance of liberty and a better way of life. I suspect we all learned during our education that in December 1606, one hundred and… Continue Reading

Taxation is theft and extortion (Regaining moral clarity)

My friend Dennis Marburger from Michigan posted this meme as a way to simply and concisely explain why taxation is theft and extortion. It’s generally a pretty good overview of the immorality of taxation, especially income tax. But the idea of income taxation is based on a very faulty premise that most people have bought… Continue Reading

Constitutional Rights…a misnomer.

Did you know that claiming to have “Constitutional Rights” is a misnomer and actually weakens your argument against ending the tyranny of the federal government? Why? Because by using this term, “Constitutional rights” you’re agreeing that the Constitution grants rights. Which of course, it unequivocally does not do. The Constitution organizes a government…that’s all it… Continue Reading