Ratifying documents for all 13 of the original States

VirginiaRatify1Too often, people apply nearly mystical or divine attributes to the Philadelphia Convention which was held between May and September 1787 followed by the Ratification Debates from 1787-1791. Yet, when you read the the actual ratification documents, you quickly realize there was nothing mystical or divine about them. With that in mind, here are a few observations about the process of approving the document we refer to as the Constitution:

  1. The first ratification’s went pretty fast and were tilted significantly in favor of ratification.
  2. However, only three State voted unanimously in favor of ratification. Kind of shoots down that the idea that everyone was on-board to the creation of this new government.
  3. It takes Rhode Island 3 times before they finally ratify in 1791.
  4. As you read these documents, you see that as we get farther into the ratification process, more delegates to the State Conventions are growing concerned about the Constitution and begin attaching Amendments to their ratification document.
  5. Concern rises to the degree that Virginia, New York and Rhode Island added proviso’s that essentially meant that if the government created by the Constitution exceeded its authority, they reserved the right to secede and re-assume government themselves.

So, as you read these documents, be reminded that the Constitution is not some divinely inspired document. It is merely a document to form a system of government. Those of us who have come to the conclusion that the Constitution either created the mess we’re in or was powerless to prevent it from occurring are in good company with many of the States that had grave concerns about the government that would come out of the document they were being asked to ratify. I think we can now understand why they were concerned. Continue Reading

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