50 State solutions…are they the best way forward? Unequivocally NO!

Status QuoWe seem to be stuck.

As people who claim to want nothing more than to end abortion, our thinking about solutions seems to be trapped in a box. This box generally is simple to see and understand. We seem to be saying that as a community of people who want to end abortion, it must be ended in all 50 States or 0 States. Everything must be a “national” solution or we can’t get behind it we seem to be saying. In the end, this can simply be understood to be a proverbial all or nothing strategy. Continue Reading

The #NeverTrump puzzle

***DISCLAIMER – I am not voting for Donald Trump. I’m writing in that I don’t consent to this system of government! With that said, I’ve had my fill of the #NeverTrump folks, especially those in the evangelical Christian community (a community to which I belong by the way). I’m pretty sure that most of the… Continue Reading

Ratifying documents for all 13 of the original States

Too often, people apply nearly mystical or divine attributes to the Philadelphia Convention which was held between May and September 1787 followed by the Ratification Debates from 1787-1791. Yet, when you read the the actual ratification documents, you quickly realize there was nothing mystical or divine about them. With that in mind, here are a few… Continue Reading